Case Study: Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC

Boys and Girls Annual Report 2013

The Project: Annual Reports

The Background:
A cornerstone of our ten year strategic partnership with Boys and Girls Club is the Foundation & Agency Annual Reports. In 2011, BGC Greater Vancouver merged with BGC Delta/Richmond to become BGCSCBC. Plane Creative created a visual Strategic Plan to help facilitate the merger. The document’s purpose was to inspire and remind everyone of the new organization’s goals. It was so well received, they decided to translate it into the Annual Report for 2012-13.

The Challenge:
Creating an instantly engaging report including financials, program information and messaging from the Board. The report needed to be compressed to a single page while representing the full agency’s “work with children” in a professional manner. Ready to be presented at a Gala nite of schmoozing?

The Fix:
Making it fly meant leaving the traditional Annual Report behind in favor of a visual map, using illustrations to support reduced copy. All while saving space to thank all important sponsors.

The new format came with huge savings since it could be printed in house meaning no one shelled out for a 10,000 copy print order.