Charlene Prevatt

Charlene is the face of Plane Creative and oversees everything business which includes your titillating happiness. She has the rare quality of listening and hearing at the same time. She prods developers to keep projects on time and pushes designers to create outside the box while staying inside the budget. She saves our clients a lot of frustration, though most will never know it. Her ethos is ‘to bring it’ which is precisely what she does at Plane Creative.

Charlene is a driven visionary that believes the world can be a better place with helping hands.  She spent years working on more non-profit projects around the world than there are past Presidents in the United States. She cut her teeth on creating long term recruitment programs, driving community awareness and charging the fundraising force.

She serves as client campaign strategist and pen ‘collector’. If you have anything fancy, you’re advised to leave it in your bag.

  • My Skills - Interpretive Dance, Hanging around museums, Awkward musings
  • My Equipment - MacBook Air 15", iPad Mini, Moleskine
  • My Likes - Good Karma, KUWTK, Apples
  • My Dislikes - Knee Braces, Short men, Flat shoes
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