Jason Lau

Jason has extensive experience in creative direction, design and brand development and is responsible for overseeing every project. He believes strongly that form and function can co-exist and looks at all sides a problem to come up with a pragmatic solution. He digs deep into what a brand stands for so the very essence of it is captured in each pixel of his design. His passion to rise to challenges and deliver beyond expectations is what keeps clients coming back and makes for some pretty busy days in the studio.

His design is award winning but what makes Jason truly stand out is his philosophy of service. When he’s not behind a computer, much of his time is spent volunteering. He cares about people and their communities, and surrounds his personal and work life with projects that helps them take flight. His lifelong drive to give, percolates to the top in each relationship he builds.

He makes a mean cup of coffee but really prefers one made for him and is the office disciplinarian when it comes to quick-fingered pen snatchers.

  • My Skills - Communication Strategy, Brand Management, Visual Organization
  • My Equipment - MacBook Pro15", iMac, iPhone, iPad, Xerox WorkCentre 6505DN
  • My Likes - Baking, Tennis, Sleeping In
  • My Dislikes - Eggs, Heavy Metal Music, Slam Poetry
I have cookies